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Foreign Student Rolls Top 400,000 at U.S. Colleges Graphic With AM-College Costs, Bjt

October 15, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ The number of foreign students attending U.S. campuses rose by 5.3 percent to a record 407,500 in the last academic year, including a 42 percent jump in Eastern Europeans, according to estimates released Tuesday.

China remained the leading nation of origin, and Asians accounted for 56 percent of foreign student rolls among U.S. college and universities, the Institute of International Education reported in its annual foreign student census.

Students from Eastern European nations and the Soviet Union, still few in number, had the biggest percentage increase: 4,800 compared with 3,400 in 1989-90.

″It is encouraging that the number of students from countries making the transition to democratic pluralism and market-oriented economies is rising,″ said Richard Krasno, president and chief executive officer of the institute.

But students from Latin American, African and Arab nations declined. The numbers from Jordan and Nigeria each were down by more than 17 percent, and Saudi Arabia and Lebanon more than 12 percent.

The decline in Arab students was due to the long-term slump in oil prices making study abroad more difficult, said Marianthi Zikopoulos, editor of OPEN DOORS, the institute publication that produces the survey. The impact of the Gulf War, if any, won’t show up until next year’s survey, she said.

The findings were based on a survey in fall 1990 of 2,879 U.S. post- secondary schools. The study, conducted with grant support from the U.S. Information Agency, included only foreign students on temporary visas.

U.S. colleges and universities enrolled some 14.9 million students in 1990, according to latest federal estimates.

Among other findings:

-The top five places of origin for foreign students were all Asian: China, 39,600; Japan, 36,600; Taiwan, 33,500; India, 28,900, and Korea, 23,400.

-Miami-Dade Community College enrolled the most foreign students: 5,757. The University of Southern California had 3,886; University of Texas-Austin, 3,867; Boston University, 3,633; University of Wisconsin-Madison, 3,565; University of Pennsylvania, 3,122; Columbia University, 3,077; Ohio State University, 3,021; University of Illinois-Urbana, 2,967, and University of California, Los Angeles, 2,921.

-Business was the favorite major for foreign students for the second- straight year, with enrollments of 79,670, up 5 percent. Engineering, the most popular major among foreign students for the 40 previous years, was second with 73,620, up 0.3 percent.


EDITOR’S NOTE - Copies of the OPEN DOORS study will be available in November for $36.95 plus $3 handling from IIE Books, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10017-3580.

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