Havasu schools make grade gains

October 7, 2018

If school letter grades were like a student’s report card, Lake Havasu Unifed School District would be on the honor roll.

Havasu’s elementary schools received all “As” and “Bs” in the Arizona Department of Education’s annual ranking of schools throughout the state.

Thunderbolt Middle School, which last year received a grade of “F,” also received a “B” grade this year. Lake Havasu High School had a “C” grade.

Arizona’s State Board of Education released the letter grades Friday afternoon. The grades are still preliminary. The state uses data from the previous school year based on student performance on the AZMerit test, as well as other factors including English-language-learner proficiency and absenteeism rates.

Thunderbolt’s big turnaround comes after school officials last year pushed back against the school’s failing grade, with Principal Mari Jo Mulligan appearing before the state board of education to challenge the ranking. At the time, she said the “F” grade gave an inaccurate picture of her campus, which had received “As” and “Bs” in previous years of the grading system.

School Grade

Lake Havasu High School C

Thunderbolt Middle School B

Havasupai Elementary A

Jamaica Elementary B

Nautilus Elementary B

Oro Grande Elementary B

Smoketree Elementary B

Starline Elementary A

Telesis Prep Academy B

Telesis B

Havasu Prep Academy A

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