SpokAnimal closes dog kennel for quarantine after five puppies adopted at Pet Expo diagnosed with contagious parvovirus; all alive

April 5, 2019

SpokAnimal, an adoption agency now caring for five puppies adopted during a weekend pet expo that were diagnosed this week with the contagious, sometimes deadly canine parvovirus, has closed its dog kennel for quarantine.

“We have locked this down as a precaution,” said Dori Peck, the shelter’s director. “We are cleaning and deep cleaning.”

Peck said Friday the kennel will be closed for at least 10 days. In that time, no adoptions will be granted and no new dogs will be allowed into the kennel. That means all dog transfers will go on hold, Peck said, including shipments from regional and out-of-state shelters.

“I’ve already canceled those,” said Peck. Cat adoptions will proceed as normal.

The infected puppies were adopted at Saturday’s Northwest Pet Expo at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center through SpokAnimal, which is now treating the animals at its Napa Street facility northeast of downtown.

The puppies, heeler mixes, all came from the same litter brought in by a local man, said Peck. The first puppy was diagnosed Monday.

As of Friday, all five had gone through various stages of treatment, Peck said, with a few already returning home. None have died.

Parvovirus is spread through dog-to-dog contact or contaminated feces. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss and dehydration. Most deaths happen in two to three days of contact with the virus, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Parvovirus is preventable with a vaccine.

People cannot contract the virus from animals.

Peck said Friday there’s no evidence to suggest the virus spread beyond the five original puppies.

The survival rate for parvovirus is anywhere between 70 and 90 percent, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and PetMD.com.

Staff writer Will Campbell contributed to this report.