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Lost Love Drove Irishman to Climb Palace Walls

December 28, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ Eugene Smith said Friday he had scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth II where he could find his lost love.

Smith, who had picked up a rock to smash his way into the palace if the doors and windows were closed, failed to make it.

Police arrested him Dec. 7 in the palace grounds and charged him with carrying a piece of masonry without lawful excuse with intent to destroy Crown property.

Peter Codner, Smith’s attorney, told Bow Street magistrates’ court that the 32-year-old jobless Irishman came to London from Dublin after becoming infatuated with a woman who claimed to be the queen’s niece, and that his only desire was to find her.

He called Smith’s actions ″strange″ but said that sometimes people get so profoundly moved that they do peculiar things.

Smith was conditionally discharged by magistrate Ronald Bartle, who said if he came before the court again within 12 months he would have to pay $950.

″I met her in Amsterdam about three months ago. Her name is Julie Craig and she is 24 years old, blonde and beautiful,″ Smith said after leaving the court.

″She made me promise to come back and said she was related to the queen. I have not been able to make contact with her. I climbed the walls of the palace grounds in desperation.

″If only I could find her I would give her the biggest kiss and tell her I love her and will love her for ever and ever. She is wonderful,″ he said.

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