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Airplane Travelers Wait Out Ice, Snow With AM-Storm Rdp Bjt

January 7, 1988

GRAPEVINE, Texas (AP) _ Thousands of airline passengers marooned by ice that clung to airplane wings and glazed runways waited out a winter storm Thursday in airport bars, boarding gates and parked jets.

The sleet, ice and snow that grounded most travel out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday evening had abated by morning, but airlines still were de-icing planes and moving out the backlog of passengers.

″I’ve been scheduled for two flights and they’ve been canceled. And I’m scheduled for a third which I suspect will also be canceled,″ said Bill Murkle, a businessman on his way from San Diego to New York for a meeting.

Murkle hoped to beat the storm to the East Coast.

″Those poor folks who are going where the storm is also going may not get there today,″ said American Airlines spokesman Joe Selman.

At one of the two American terminals Thursday, rows and rows of people stared moodily at the flock of grounded planes, while others stretched out on the seats and tried to sleep through the boring wait.

Several passengers slept aboard parked airplanes Wednesday night, while others tried to get comfortable in the rigid waiting chairs or stretched out on the floor.

Murkle said he was unable to find a blanket. ″I appropriated two of the empty boxes and slept on one and under one,″ he said. ″It looks kind of tacky, but it worked.″

Darlene Corder was wheeling her children, Ashley, 4, and Jason, 2, around the terminal, been really good. I’ve been really proud of them,″ Mrs. Corder said.

Paul and June Miller, who are retired, had traveled to Anaheim, Calif., for the Rose Bowl and were on their way back to St. Augustine, Fla., hoping to make a 3 p.m. flight out.

″We’ve been sleeping, reading, setting here in a complete fog,″ Mrs. Miller said.

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