SCE&G highlights digging safety with National 811 Day

August 10, 2018

SCE&G is seeking to remind the public of digging safety by observing a national safety day.

National 811 Day, observed each year on Aug. 11, is meant to remind both private individuals and businesses to call 811 before any sort of digging project, in an attempt to avoid damage to underground public utilities.

A federally designated phone number, 811 has call centers in all 50 states. Calls to are free, and is meant to advise the public of potential utility lines buried underground that can damage public services if hit.

After calling, 811 will inform local utility companies, who will then mark any underground utilities with flags to help you avoid damaging them.

In South Carolina, anyone planning any sort of excavation must call 811 three full days prior to starting their digging projects.

“On Aug. 11 and throughout the year, we remind homeowners and professional contractors to put safety first by calling 811 before digging to avoid striking an underground utility line,” said Greg McGlohorn, general manager of construction, operations and maintenance for SCE&G’s natural gas business, in a press release.

According to the same press release, failure to call 811 is the main reason for damage to SCE&G gas lines, which see an average of five incidents of damage per business day.

Additionally, SCE&G said almost 40 percent of incidents are caused by a failure to call 811, with it being the leading cause of damage to its natural gas lines.

Information specific to 811 in South Carolina can be found at sc811.com, while SCE&G has information specific to gas lines at sceg.com/gassafety.

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