Cordray, DeWine debate was a draw: Darcy cartoon

October 10, 2018

Cordray, DeWine debate was a draw: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- At Cleveland State University, Monday,  Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray held their third and final debate.  Unless DeWine accepts Cordray’s call for a fourth debate in Toledo.

The two veteran Ohio politicians hit on all the major topics and each other.  Both got in effective shots at the other as they sat at a round table.

As far as who did better, I thought Cordray’s and DeWine’s debate performance mirrored where polls have showed them for most of the race, nearly even.   The latest Ohio poll shows DeWine up slightly. Previous polls have shown Cordray up slightly.

It’s not surprising the race has been virtually tied.   Both candidates have been steady, wonky office holders in Ohio and national office, for a long time.   Both come off as decent men who would both likely make solid governors.  

With all the craziness going on in Washington D.C., having two studious, unassuming  candidates for governor who just do their jobs is refreshing.

The real debate winner are any Ohio voters who watched the debates, where they got see how the candidates interacted with each other and address the vital issues facing the state, outside of their TV campaign ads.

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