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Diana ‘Understands’ Unfaithful Charles, Opposes Divorce _ Report

November 19, 1995

LONDON (AP) _ She doesn’t want a divorce, values her royal role and desperately wants her children to be happy. And she understands her husband’s decision to confess his infidelity to millions of TV viewers.

It’s a resigned, reasonable, regal Princess Diana who emerges from a surprise tell-all interview with the BBC, The Sunday Telegraph reported, publishing what it said were quotes gleaned from unnamed ``television insiders.″

The BBC dismissed the newspaper’s account of the encounter as ``total speculation.″

``Only eight people have seen the program, none of them has talked about it and no one else has been given any indication of what is in it,″ a BBC statement said.

In the interview, to be broadcast in Britain on Monday night, Diana concedes that her marriage to Prince Charles is over, but asked if she wants a divorce, she reportedly replies, ``No. There are two children involved here.″

Charles and Diana, who married in 1981 and separated in December 1992, have two sons, Prince William, 13, and 11-year-old Prince Harry.

``It’s sad when a marriage breaks up, but there it is. These things happen,″ she reportedly said.

Diana, 34, also says she ``understands″ Charles’ decision to reveal in a 1994 television interview that he broke his marriage vows and committed adultery, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The princess ``attributes no blame to him on that account,″ said the newspaper, whose editor, Dominic Lawson, is married to a close friend of Diana.

The Sunday Telegraph said Diana rejects allegations that in pursuing an independent life she is trying to undermine the monarchy.

``Why should I wish to destroy my children’s future?″ it quoted her as saying.

Diana reportedly has caused consternation at Buckingham Palace by granting the interview without first consulting the royal family. News reports say Diana’s press secretary, who wasn’t informed, is preparing to quit.

There has been public speculation that she gave the interview as an act of revenge against Charles, and to improve her reputation, tarnished by reports of royal marital squabbles and her friendships with other men.

The Sunday Times said the BBC did not directly questions Diana about her friendship with England rugby captain Will Carling. Carling and his wife separated in September after intense media coverage of his friendship with the princess.

However, she is asked about some 300 telephone calls she is alleged to have made to the home of another friend, art dealer Oliver Hoare. This the princess dismisses with a curt, ``How would I have had the time?″ said The Sunday Telegraph.

Contemplating a planned visit to Argentina, she reportedly defines her role as ``supporting the country around the world.″

``I’m not going to let the country down. I’m not going to run away,″ The Sunday Telegraph quoted the princess as saying.

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