Meningitis diagnosed in Sacajawea Middle School student; low risk of spread

March 29, 2019

Spokane received its first meningitis diagnosis of the year, but officials say the risk of it spreading is low.

The Spokane Regional Health District reported the diagnosis from a female student at Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane. All parents of students at the school have been alerted of the case.

Meningitis, or Meningococcal disease, is a contagious infection that affects the spinal cord, bacteria in the blood or pneumonia, according to SRHD, and spreads through touching or kissing an infected person.

Outbreaks of the infection usually occur in communities, schools, colleges and other high-risk populations, according to the SRHD.

Signs and symptoms include a sudden fever, headache, stiff neck, confusion and sometimes a rash.

For more information, visit srhd.org.