Family Of ‘Baby Trump’ Will Treasure Moment ‘forever’

July 29, 2018
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Family Of ‘Baby Trump’ Will Treasure Moment ‘forever’

He was the star of the show during a political rally at the Mohegan Sun Arena leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

Republican candidate and future President Donald J. Trump was on stage, too.

Hunter Tirpak, 2, wowed the crowd dressed like a mini Trump and wearing the candidate’s wavy hairstyle. The Schuylkill County boy instantly got worldwide media attention after Trump held him on stage in front of the capacity crowd.

Hunter earned the nickname, “Baby Trump.”

“I was with him when I was Baby Trump,” Hunter, now 4, said recently, days before Trump readies to visit the arena again to campaign.

So will they share the stage again? That’s a wait-and-see because it’s still undecided if the family will be attending the event, his mother said.

Hunter doesn’t recall his time in the spotlight with Trump. Nor does he remember his media tour that included an appearance on the set of “Fox and Friends,” the morning show broadcast by Fox News. But he regularly watches video of those special moments.

“He says, ‘That was me when I was little.’ He says, ‘That’s me and Donald Trump,’” Hunter’s mother, Jessica Tirpak, said. “It’s something we will treasure forever.”

Hunter is attending preschool and playing soccer. His hair is trimmed. He wears eyeglasses. And he doesn’t get dressed up in a suit much anymore.

“Baby Trump now is Hunter Tirpak, but it’s something I want him to remember forever,” Tirpak said. “He’ll realize how unbelievable it was and how it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

During the October 2016 rally, the Tirpak family was in the crowd when a group of people started trying to get Trump’s attention. People helped Hunter’s parents get toward the stage and lift him up in the air so Trump could see. The future president then summoned the Secret Service to bring the boy on stage.

“He’s supposed to look like Donald Trump, but he’s much too good looking,” Trump said.

Hunter’s family was given VIP tickets for future Pennsylvania rallies in Hershey and Middletown, rallies Tirpak thinks pushed Trump over the edge to win Pennsylvania and the presidency.

Tirpak said she proudly is a “die hard” Trump supporter, but dislikes when people criticize her for the Baby Trump concept.

“From day one, when we started Baby Trump, it was to bring something positive to that crazy, negative campaign.,” Tirpak said.

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