UW faculty awarded 32 research fellowships for 2019-20

May 3, 2019

Thirty-two faculty members at UW-Madison have received research fellowships for the 2019-20 academic year, in arts and humanities, physical sciences, social sciences and biological sciences.

The WARF, Kellett and Romnes awards were announced by the university on Thursday.

The awards are possible because of research licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the income from the licenses coming back to UW-Madison to fund more research, including the projects made by the faculty receiving awards at this time.

Ten faculty received WARF named professorships, each worth $100,000. Each recipient chose the name associated with their professorships.

Eleven faculty received H.I. Romnes faculty fellowships, recognizing faculty up to six years past their first promotion to a tenured position. The fellowships come with $60,000 to be spent over five years.

Eleven faculty also were named Kellett Mid-Career award winners, to support faculty who are seven to 20 years past their first promotion to a tenured position. The Kellett award comes with $75,000 spent over five years.

The WARF named professorships include:

Helen Blackwell, the Norman C. Craig Professor of Chemistry.Rachel Brenner, the Elaine Marks Professor.Molly Carnes, the Virginia Valian Professor.Michael Ferris, the Jacques-Louis Lions Professor of Computer Science.Richard Gourse, the Masayasu Nomura Professor of Bacteriology.Kathryn Hendley, the Roman Livshits Professor.Judith Kimble, the Vannevar Bush Professor of Biochemistry.Manos Mavrikakis, the James A. Dumesic Professor of Chemical Engineering.Doug Maynard, the Maureen T. Hallinan Professor of Sociology.Tejumola Olaniyan, the Wole Soyinka Professor of the Humanities.

The Romnes faculty fellowships include:

Weibo Cai, professor of radiology and medical physics.Jan Egedal, a plasma physicist.Chao Fu, professor of economics.Sigan Hartley, associate professor in human ecology.Chris Hittinger, associate professor of genetics.Jeremy Hutton, professor of classical Hebrew language and biblical literature.Derek Johnson, associate professor of media and cultural studies.Jenna Nobles, professor of sociology.J.R. Schmidt, professor of chemistry.Erika Marin-Spiotta, associate professor of geography.Dave Pagliarini, associate professor of biochemistry.

Kellett fellowships include:

Daniel Bolt, professor of educational psychology.Tonya Brito, professor of law.Simon Gilroy, professor of botany.John Hitchcock, professor of art.Albrecht Karle, professor of physics.Laura McClure, professor of classics.Basil Tikoff, professor of geoscience.Manon van de Water, professor in Slavic.Susan Webb Yackee, professor of public affairs and political science.Wei Xu, professor of oncology.Louise Young, professor of Japanese history.