Corporate Directors From Barclays US, ManpowerGroup Inc., Mars Inc., Sempra Energy, The Hershey Co., United Rentals, and More Become NACD Fellows

November 20, 2018

WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 20,000 board members, today announced 163 corporate directors who have earned NACD Fellowship—The Gold Standard Director Credential®. These corporate directors serve on the boards of Fortune 500, nonprofit, and private companies that include the following organizations:*

AARP Inc.Army and Air Force Exchange ServiceB&G Foods Inc.Barclays USCisco Systems Inc.DaVita Inc.DePaul UniversityFifth Third BancorpManpowerGroup Inc.Mars Inc.National Defense Industry AssociationObserver Publishing Co.Sempra EnergySleep Number Corp.Society for Human Resource ManagementThe Hershey Co.The Wine Group Inc.Tuesday Morning Corp.United RentalsWinnebago Industries, Inc.*Partial Listing

NACD Fellowship, the highest standard of credentialing for corporate directors, is a comprehensive and continuous program of study that empowers directors with the latest boardroom insights, intelligence, and practices—equipping them to lead their boards with confidence.

Directors can earn one of two NACD Fellowship credentials—the NACD Governance Fellowship or the NACD Board Leadership Fellowship. NACD Governance Fellows build proficiencies in the fundamentals of governance, while NACD Board Leadership Fellows continue to refine their board leadership competencies year after year.

“Directors need to continually strive to inspire confidence, gain foresight, and optimize performance. NACD Fellowship helps directors do just that,” said Raymond V. Gilmartin, a director at General Mills. Mel Cooper, a director at Forbes Energy Services and Flowtek adds, “As a Board Leadership Fellow, I can honestly say that my effectiveness in the boardroom has improved due to my affiliation with the organization.”

NACD Fellowship is backed by 40 years of NACD experience and represents thousands of the world’s largest and most-diverse companies. “As an active NACD Fellow, I have confidence knowing I am staying current. I am supported by a well-respected credential and the best director education possible,” said Dona Young, a director at Aegon NV, Foot Locker, and Save the Children.

“Directors who choose to enhance their skills and acumen by becoming NACD Fellows demonstrate to company management, shareholders, and their peers a desire to perform their fiduciary duties to the best of their abilities,” said Peter Gleason, president and CEO of NACD. “I am pleased to recognize these distinguished leaders, who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance.”

The new cadre of NACD Fellows includes 83 Board Leadership Fellows and 80 Governance Fellows, whose boards span a wide range of industries: aerospace and defense, agriculture, banking, computer software, energy and utilities, engineering, financial services, food services, health care, higher education, industrial machinery, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.

Individuals Named NACD Board Leadership Fellows

Rodney Adkins Patricia Fukami Peter Kong Alan Airth Cono Fusco Ellen Lamale Dann Angeloff Matthew Geekie Daniele Levy Pamela Arway Amanda Goodie James Livingston Brian Bachman Vivian Gray Matthew Loeb Cindy Baerman Chris Grimm Brian Lynott Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn Jose Gutierrez Consuelo Madere John Bilbrey Michael Harrison Gail Marcus George Brack Theresa Hennesy Craig Martin Glenn Brooks Luis Hernandez R Eric McCarthey Stephen Burt Jewell Hoover Deborah McCoy Robert Carlile Michael Hughes James Mead Andrew Caveney Leon Janks Andrew Miller Lynn Clarke Alan Kaplan Angela Minas Kathryn Collier Michelle Keeley Jim Moffatt Adam Contos Joseph Kelly Graham Moore Michael Day Annalisa King Mary Murray Bradley Feldmann Kenneth Kirk David Nettina Craig Nordlund Carlos Rodriguez-Ramos Hope Taitz John Orgain Roberto Santa Maria-Ros William Thomas Anna Patruno Elizabeth Sartain Samuel Ticha Wayne Peacock Frank Scruggs Lisa Trimberger Christine Pellizzari D. Arthur Seibel Simon Upfill-Brown Gina Perini Shiv Singh Thomas Waechter Christopher Perretta Carol Skarlat Wendi Wasik Mark Plastino Sherry Smith Alejandro Wolff Jeff Pratt Alicia Syrett C Clifford Wright Joan Rockey Martin Yudkovitz

Individuals Named NACD Governance Fellows

Janet Alberti William Fisher Zelda Marzec Ria Berger Gerry Frost Jennifer McClure Alan Bernstein Michael Galper Elaine Mendoza Alan Jeffrey Bird Pamela Gartmann Judy Miller William Boyer Francis Gentile Robert Mills Pete Brownell Stephanie Giammarco James Perdue Nell Cady-Kruse Johanna Glode Stephen Pirnat Thomas Casalino Yolanda Gorman David Powlen Carla Chavarria Rita Grazda Patrick Quinlan David Cheney Kristin Grunder Francisco Rivera Kristy Clement Greg Gullickson Don Salo Toni Clubb Catherine Hardy Henry Sauvagnat Robert Cochran Janet Haugen Kala Schmidt Dominic Cottone Roslyn Hendriks Philip Straub Gregory Coursen Michael Huerta Carol Strickland Tom Cox Kelly Johnson Andrew Studdert Edwin Dealy Amy Kaplanis Patrick Stutz Ronald Denheyer Rakesh Kapoor Marc Sullivan Diane Dewbrey Gabriel Kompkoff Jan Tighe Kimberly Dixon Joel Lambert Olga Votis William Donnell Howard Lee Michael Walsh Dr. Juan-Carlos Duran David Lester Daniel Whitehurst Lee Duran Toby Levy Chad Wiegand John Eck Thomas Loughlin Ronald Wilkowski Stewart Elliott Bob Ludlow Aaron Winters Gina Eubanks Randal Lund Penny Zuckerwise Valdemar Fischer Brad Maiorino

For more information about NACD Fellowship, visit NACDonline.org/Fellowship or contact Meghan Metzbower at Fellowship@NACDonline.org or 571-367-3638.

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