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Documents: Teen Made Macabre Resolutions

August 6, 2003

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) _ A teenager accused of running down a jogger in hopes of having sex with her corpse drafted a macabre list of ``resolutions″ a year earlier that included a desire to ``taste human flesh″ and shoot someone, according to court documents.

School officials were alerted to Daniel Robbins’ list at the time and met several times with his parents, but the boy had no other problems in school, a police officer testified Tuesday.

The list of New Year’s resolutions Robbins assembled as part of a typing class assignment was entered as evidence during a hearing to determine whether the 16-year-old should be tried as an adult for the May 27 jogger attack.

Police say Robbins said in a videotaped interview that he picked the jogger at random and deliberately hit her with his vehicle. Investigators said he told a friend who was with him that he planned to have sex with the body, and repeated those statements to police.

Patty Emanuel, 40, suffered a broken pelvis, vertebrae and ribs and other injuries. She spent a month in the hospital.

Robbins was arrested the day of the attack after his companion told his mother what happened. The companion was not charged.

The police officer assigned to Russell High School, Daralee Murphy, testified Tuesday that school officials met with Robbins and his parents several times after his teacher alerted them to the boy’s ``resolutions.″

In addition to tasting human flesh and shooting someone on a camping trip, Robbins listed among his goals: ``Get a driver’s license so I can do those horrible things people like to read about in the paper.″

He made the list on Jan. 6, 2002, when he was 15.

Robbins remains in custody at a juvenile detention center. Judge Kenneth Neill gave attorneys another week to submit more information on whether Robbins would be tried as an adult.

If convicted as an adult, Robbins could get as much as life in prison. If convicted as a juvenile, he could be held until age 18, then would be on probation until he’s 21.