City Council Pres. issues statement on captain’s alleged racist text

August 2, 2018

BRIDGEPORT — City Council President Aidee Nieves said if the allegations against Bridgeport Police Capt. Mark Straubel prove to be true, he “really has no choice but to resign.”

Nieves released the statement Tuesday night saying she was “appalled and shocked” that Straubel “engaged in derogatory commentary about fellow police officers.”

She said she supports Police Chief Armando Perez’s decision to put Straubel on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

“No one who has those types of feelings or expresses them belongs in a police uniform,” her statement said. “It puts other law enforcement officers and the community they police at great risk.”

As previously reported by Hearst Connecticut Media earlier this week, Perez put Straubel on administrative status “effective immediately,” a memo issued by the chief said, after a complaint was filed regarding a racist text sent by Straubel.

Administrative leave is paid leave and is protocol pursuant to union contract.

“The City Council will work to ensure that the investigatory process is complete, thorough and transparent,” Nieves said. “Our community has zero tolerance for racism.”

A statement released Monday from Rowena White, Mayor Joseph Ganim’s director of communications, said Perez was notified by Internal Affairs about the complaint on July 26.

“In light of the sensitive nature of the allegations, I took swift action and immediately sent the captain home and placed him on administrative leave,” Perez said Monday.

The complaint, IA told Perez according to White, was filed by a retired police officer.

Ken Kubel, a retired Bridgeport police sergeant who now works for the Stratford Police Department, confirmed to Hearst that he made the complaint against Straubel.

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