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‘Dead End’ Signs Too Unpleasant?

December 6, 1993

LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) _ Signs warning of dead end streets apparently are too macabre for some people, so the City Council voted to replace them with less sensitive panels reading ″no outlet.″

That’s going a little bit too far, say councilmen Fred Wilson and Tom McCoy, the dissenters in last week’s 4-2 vote to change the signs.

″As a nation, we are becoming too sensitive to everything. People take off on the darndest things,″ Wilson said. ″They take good old Anglo-Saxon words that do the job well, and we get terribly encumbered trying to get around them.

″Why, it’s hard to believe that no other city in the United States has come to grips with these dangerous dead-end signs.″

Resident Lee Almquist is all for the change.

″We just moved into a condo, and right outside there’s a dead-end sign,″ Almquist said. ″Every time you come home, you have to go by this sign, and it just isn’t very pleasant.″

City spokeswoman Becky Schol said the signs will be replaced as they wear out over 10 to 15 years.

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