NEW YORK (AP) _ Angry at repeated violations of baseball's rules by the New York Yankees, the commissioner's office intends to start disciplining the team Thursday, The Associated Press has learned.

Officials of the commissioner's office and the American League were livid at the team and owner George Steinbrenner, who threw baseball's public relations staff out of the team's offices Wednesday, saying he needed the space for an accountant.

In addition, on Tuesday and Wednesday the Yankees violated the rules issued by the commissioner's office dealing with the space allotted reporters on the field before games.

After New York's 4-1, 12-inning loss to Cleveland on Wednesday in Game 2 of the AL championship series, the Yankees announced they were canceling their workout, which had been scheduled for Jacobs Field on Thursday.

Under the rules developed last winter by Paul Beeston, baseball's chief operating officer, postseason teams are required to hold mandatory workouts prior to Games 1 and 3.

AL vice president Phyllis Merhige was clearly exasperated with the Yankees, and other members of baseball's brass said the team was routinely ignoring directives from both the league and the commissioner's office.

The Baseball Writers Association of America sent Beeston a letter Wednesday protesting the team's conduct.

Beeston's rules were prompted by the Florida Marlins' refusal to come to the interview room after the seventh game of the World Series last year. During meetings with groups of reporters last winter, he promised teams would be fined if they violated the rules.