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‘Gone With The Wind’ Edition Fetches $20,000 at Movie Memorabilia Auction

May 22, 1989

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A hard-bound edition of ″Gone With The Wind,″ with signatures of 23 cast and crew members from the legendary MGM film, was sold for $20,000 at a Hollywood auction at the Ebell Theater.

Other remnants of Hollywood’s heyday auctioned Saturday included a jacket worn by Elvis Presley and tap shoes worn by Fred Astaire, said Barry Vilkin of Camden House Auctioneers Inc.

″Some people buy from the heart when money’s no object,″ Vilkin said. ″Maybe that’s another explanation why these things sell for as much as they do.″

The 1938 edition of Margaret Mitchell’s Southern romance novel belonged to actor Fred Crane, who played Brent Tarlton, one of the twin’s vying for Scarlett O’Hara’s affection in the movie’s opening sequence.

The book was valued at $25,000 to $30,000.

Vilkin said at least 350 guests were on hand when a vest worn by Clark Gable in ″Gone With The Wind″ sold for $3,800, nearly double its estimated value. A Civil War coat worn by Gable went for $6,000.

Vilkin declined to identify the bidders.

″I think movies are a common denominator amongst all of us no matter what we do. We all have great memories,″ Vilkin said. ″In Southern California, where the industry started ... these things are thrown away. It’s amazing the stories I’ve heard.

″One guy told me, ‘My basement got flooded. That’s where I had all the stuff stored.’ I’m hoping to flush out the treasures that are out here before they get destroyed. We have so little of the vintage Hollywood of the ’30s and ’40s.″

A bidder paid $9,000 for the black patent leather tap shoes worn by Astaire in ″The Gay Divorcee,″ and someone paid $5,000 for a jacket worn by Presley in ″Double Trouble.″

A 126-page script from ″The Wizard of Oz,″ dated July 5, 1938, sold for $15,000.

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