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September 24, 1988

NEW YORK (AP) _ With her sister, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and ballet star Rudolf Nureyev present, Lee Bouvier Radziwill married film director Herbert Ross at her Manhattan home.

Nureyev, who directs the Paris Opera Ballet, and John Taras, associate director of American Ballet Theater, attended the couple. The ceremony was performed Friday by Justice E. Leo Milonas of the Appellate Division of state Supreme Court

Ms. Onassis gave a dinner party at her home for the couple after the ceremony.

Mrs. Ross is director of special events for designer Giorgio Armani in New York. She has been married twice before. Her marriage to Prince Stanislas Radziwill ended in divorce. Her first marriage, to Michael Temple Canfield, was annulled.

Ross’ most recent film, ″Steel Magnolias,″ will be released next year. His other works include ″Play It Again, Sam,″ ″The Sunshine Boys,″ ″The Goodbye Girl″ and ″The Turning Point.″

His first wife, ballerina Nora Kaye, died last year.


MAPUTO, Mozambique (AP) - President Reagan’s daughter, Maureen, delivered a message from her father to President Joaquim Chissano on Saturday and described her meeting as ″extremely important.″

Ms. Reagan said she was returning to Washington with a reply from Chissano to Ronald Reagan. She spoke at an airport news conference before departing after a 24-hour visit at the head of a presidential commission on refugees,

She visited a center for children captured by Mozambique National Resistance guerrillas, a center for people displaced by the 12-year-old civil war, and a women’s agricultural cooperative.

Afterward, Ms. Reagan said she and her delegation would bring information back ″so that the United States can be more helpful than we already are with Mozambique’s development.″


DENVER (AP) - Cleaner air for citizens of Denver and Albuquerque will be the payoff as both cities battle their brown clouds this winter, but now the mayors of the two towns have added fiery green chiles and Denver Broncos tickets to the stake.

Denver Mayor Federico Pena and Albuquerque Mayor Ken Schultz have upped the ante in a wager about whose city will have cleaner air during the high- pollution winter season.

If Denver’s anti-pollution efforts make more progress than Albuquerque’s, Pena gets a bushel of New Mexico chilies. If Albuquerque’s beefed-up pollution fight produces better results than Denver’s, Schultz will receive tickets to a Broncos football game and to a Denver Nuggets basketball game.

Schultz made the challenge after hearing criticism of his city on a television show in which Pena touted Denver’s success in battling its brown cloud.

″While I admire your efforts to clean up Denver air,″ Schultz wrote to Pena, ″Albuquerque has several air quality policies either already in place or about to be implemented.″

Tony Massaro, Denver’s environmental affairs director, said the two cities have nearly identical pollution problems, but he is betting on his home team.

″They just passed their ordinances, and we’ve been into it for years,″ he said. ″If we set it up so it’s fair, I think we can win.″


DALLAS (AP) - As John Koohyun Kim explained it, his labor of love for a fallen president whose ideals and country he had embraced could not wait.

So Kim got down on his knees Friday, not waiting for city officials to give their permission, and began a thorough cleaning job of the Kennedy Memorial in downtown Dallas.

Kim said he had listened to John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech as a youth in South Korea and was ″impressed with his celebration of democracy.″ He later memorized the speech for a high school class and he credits it with helping him learn English.

″I loved him,″ Kim said.

Upon reading that the white concrete and marble monument was in dire need of sprucing up, Kim decided to tackle the job himself.

″I thank God for giving me this chance to clean up the memorial,″ said Kim, who studies political science and education at the University of North Texas as well as operating a dry cleaning and laundry operation in Dallas.

Kim, who is in this country on a visa, asked city officials if he could volunteer to clean the memorial built in 1970 by architect Philip Johnson. When told it would take some time to get permission, he decided to get started anyway.

City officials don’t mind help from the private sector in maintaining the monument, said Ralph Mendez, a supervisor with the Parks and Recreation Department. But he said he would like volunteers to check through the city what chemicals might be used to make sure the solvents don’t harm the surface.


ROME (AP) - Pope John Paul II wound up a two-month stay at his vacation palace and returned to Rome on Saturday.

John Paul left Castel Gandolfo, in the Alban Hills 18 miles south of Rome, by helicopter to lead ceremonies inaugurating a new heart unit at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital. The pope was treated at Gemelli after being wounded by a Turkish gunman in St. Peter’s Square in May 1981.

John Paul moved to Castel Gandolfo in mid-July, returning to the Vatican each Wednesday for his general audience. Earlier this month, he made a nine- day pilgrimage to Africa.

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