Tom Parlett: The high cost of drugs

March 11, 2019

Boy, the pharmaceutical companies have us right where they want us. Over a barrel when it comes to affording life saving drugs. I will give you a prime example of a drug I was prescribed for a maintenance drug to lower the chances of having a heart attack or stroke. I darn near had a stroke when I received the bill.

This miracle drug is Eliquis in a 5 milligram dosage twice a day. This little drug, which is about the size of a very small blackeyed pea lists for $1,399.63 for a 90-day prescription, which equals $7.78 a pill and remember, this pill is taken twice a day so that equals $15.56 a day. Over the course of a year this drug would cost a whopping $5,679.40.

Thank goodness I do have drug coverage but that only reduces each pill to $3.15, which still comes to $1,149.75 a year.

Why hasn’t Congress taken action on this problem that seems to be increasing every year? They talk about doing something but it seems it is all talk and no action. I realize that the drug companies need to make money for things such as R&D, stockholder dividends, etc., but when is enough enough?

Tom Parlett

Lake Havasu City