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RABAT, Morocco (AP) _ Horace Roye, 97, considered one of the top fashion photographers of the 1930s, was found stabbed to death at his home in the Moroccan capital, friends and officials said Wednesday.

The British photographer, known for photos he took of film icon Greta Garbo, was found Tuesday by his housekeeper, stabbed at least eight times, according to members of his entourage.

A suspect known by the victim was arrested early Wednesday, according to Moroccan security sources. They spoke on condition of anonymity and did not elaborate.

Roye, who had made his home in Morocco for some 20 years, had lived alone since the death of his wife.

Despite his accomplishments as a photographer, Roye was best known to the small British community in Rabat for his activities, including his water skiing until he was 80.