Trucks trip up travelers

May 6, 2019

Motorists in the Canton area Monday had a pair of traffic incidents involving trucks to deal with while on their regular commutes.

At approximately 11 a.m., the Canton Police Department received a call about a trash truck that had overturned at an on-ramp for Interstate 575 northbound, according to officials with the Canton PD. Officers with the Canton Police Department and the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and found the truck on its side, with trash bags having been scattered on and around the road. The truck was able to be righted by early Monday afternoon, but the road remained closed for much of the rest of the day as officials worked to get all the trash up.

Just before 2 p.m., law enforcement officials were called to the intersection of Jesse McCollum Road and Travis Tritt Lane where a car carrier truck bottomed out in the intersection. While the issue was being sorted out, Jesse McCollum Road between Travis Tritt Lane and Univeter Road were closed to traffic. However, within half an hour, the scene was clear and the road was reopened, according to a tweet from the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.