STUTTGART, Germany (AP) _ A 79-year-old former Gestapo agent confessed in vivid detail to his role in the deaths of Jews at a Nazi concentration camp in 1943, an investigator testified at his trial Thursday.

Alfons Goetzfrid, charged with assisting in the deaths of 17,000 people, denies personally killing anyone. He says he only helped reload weapons.

Prosecutors say he previously confessed to personally killing 500 people on Nov. 3, 1943 at Majdanek. His trial, which is expected to end May 20, could be Germany's last major war crimes trials.

During the second day of Goetzfrid's trial, police investigator Alexander Dettling testified that the defendant on several occasions gave detailed accounts of his role in the killings.

Dettling said Goetzfrid described how mothers with babies were first shot and killed. The babies then were either stabbed, or crushed by their dead mothers, Dettling said.

``And if (a baby) was still alive, there was one more shot,'' Dettling said Goetzfrid told him.

Goetzfrid was taken into investigative custody in March 1998, but released last month pending trial.

An ethnic German born in Ukraine, he moved to Germany in 1991 after the breakup of the Soviet Union and has since testified as a witness at several Nazi war crimes trials in Russia and Britain.

Although he incriminated himself under questioning by British police, prosecutors said they cannot charge him with murder, mainly because of the lack of supporting evidence and his low rank in the chain-of-command.