Letter: County makes deals taxpayers don’t need

December 2, 2018

I just received my proposed 2019 property tax statement for Winona County. Not a surprise that it is going up 3.4 percent in total.

I live in Utica Township, which has a modest increase of $9.47, and I am completely satisfied with the services that they provide. Also, I live in the Lewiston-Altura School District, which increased by a modest $55.26, but overall I believe that the agriculture sector pays an inequitable amount due to land values.

My Winona County taxes went up by $143.27, which is tolerable if it were not for years of steady increases.

What really gets my goat is to see the county commissioners spending taxpayer money on private business deals outside of their purview. I read that Winona County commissioners loaned $150,000 to startup company Envirolastech in St. Charles. Now the company is out of business, left town and apparently will go into bankruptcy, which will cost the county $147,955.94.

If my memory is correct I believe the county invested money in two wind turbines that they just tore down on Oak Ridge because they were a complete failure.

Then recently the county invested in a solar farm in Rollingstone that promised great returns. If I was a betting man, I bet this will be too good to be true.

All the while the county is investing in these private schemes, they are letting our roads go into disrepair, leaving our sheriff’s department shorthanded, plus we now have to build a new jail.

I wonder how many more deals the county made.

Dean Nuszloch, Utica

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