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Autopsy: Calif. Gunman Killed Self

September 15, 2001

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ A security guard who killed four co-workers and a city worker died from a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, according to autopsy results released Friday.

Police gunfire hit the Joseph Ferguson’s vehicle numerous times, but an autopsy showed he died from a bullet wound inflicted by the AK-47 assault rifle he had been firing at police and bystanders.

Police shot at Ferguson with handguns, while he fired back more than 200 rounds from the heavy-caliber rifle, ducking behind his vehicle to reload. A bulletproof vest he was wearing also was untouched.

The shootout Monday ended a 24-hour killing spree.

Authorities say Ferguson was despondent over being suspended from his job at Burns Security a week earlier. A co-worker had complained he’d vandalized her car because she had ended their relationship.

Three co-workers, Ferguson’s ex-girlfriend, Nina Susu, 20; Marsha Jackson, 32; and George Bernardino, 48; and city employee John Derek Glimstad, 19, were each shot multiple times.

Ferguson later bound and gagged Burns employee Nikolay Popovich, 28, before shooting him once in the back of the head, officials said.

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