We just experienced climate change -- Janice Knapp-Cordes

August 29, 2018

Experts have said the storm that flooded Madison and parts of Dane County was not a 100-year event but more like a 500- or even a 1,000-year event.

Now that we have experienced climate change up close and personal, will it bring home to us the fact that we have participated in causing this? Will we drive less, walk and bike more, use public transportation, and join in efforts to replace fossil fuels with solar, wind and other renewable resources?

The fact that part of the corn crop has been lost should really give us pause. Will our future food supply be secure? If we care for our children and grandchildren, for all the children of the world, we need to incorporate climate change awareness into our daily actions.

At the very least, enlightened self-interest should move us.

Janice Knapp-Cordes, Madison

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