W.Va. Supreme Court Division 2: Evan Jenkins

September 21, 2018

NAME: Evan Jenkins

COUNTY: Cabell

PARTY: Non-partisan

DIVISION: Division 2

BIOGRAPHY: Born in the Mountain State, married for 27 years and parent of three grown children including a son in the US Marines. Founder of Lily’s Place caring for drug-exposed newborns. Church Elder, Boy Scout and Red Cross volunteer. Past-president Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Received many awards and recognition for supporting seniors, protecting children and standing up for our Veterans.

LEGAL/JUDICIAL EXPERIENCES: Received ‘best-qualified’ designation by the independent Judicial Vacancy Advisory Commission. Thirty-year’s experience in a wide range of legal issues and complex cases before Administrative Law Judges, Circuit Court jury trials and the WV Supreme Court. Twenty-two years of experience making the laws the Supreme Court interprets. Working with President Trump to drain the swamp and restore the rule of law.

1. How would you make the judicial budgeting process more transparent?

West Virginians are angry over the Supreme Court Justices’ wasteful spending on their office renovations. The Supreme Court is in crisis and I’m already working to make sure this never happens again. West Virginians will be voting YES on the amendment to bring oversight to the judicial budget and I’m working with our State Auditor to restore accountability and transparency.

2. Do you believe the current system of voluntary recusal is effective in avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest or do we need a change in the system to ensure public confidence in the process? What changes would you propose?

Two Justices have resigned, and another is under federal indictment. The public’s trust and confidence is at an all-time low. I will be a Justice that’s fair, balanced and ensures everyone is treated equally under the law. I will uphold the rule of law and follow the Constitution. I will always recuse myself from any case where there’s any conflict.

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