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December 21, 2018


BERLIN (AP) — The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm has forced the company that makes the iPhone to change the way it does business in Germany. Apple says it is pulling older models of the iPhone from its German stores. The move comes after Apple came out on the losing end of two patent cases brought by Qualcomm, the company that fashions chips for electronic devices. A regional court in Munich has ruled that Apple and its subsidiaries had breached a European patent held by Qualcomm, which has pursued similar cases elsewhere around the world. Until the appeals run their course, Apple says the sale of iPhone 7 and 8 models will be halted at the 15 Apple stores in Germany. The company notes, however, that all iPhone models remain available from cellphone carriers and resellers in the country. Apple says the iPhone X, also mentioned in the verdict, has since been replaced by a newer model.


NEW YORK (AP) — Online shopping continues to be a big factor during the run-up to Christmas. Adobe Analytics, which tracks online spending, says internet-based sales are up nearly 18 percent from Nov. 1 through Wednesday — compared to the same period a year ago. So far this holiday season, online spending has reached $110.6 billion. And that number is expected to rise in the days before Christmas. Adobe says many online shoppers are expected to take advantage of services that let people make purchases online — and have them delivered to physical stores. The Saturday before Christmas is traditionally the second-busiest day for store shopping, after Black Friday. And Adobe expects people will opt to shop online and make store pickups to avoid the crush at the checkout stands.


CYBERSPACE (AP) — It’s pretty much all over except the memories. San Francisco’s oldest department store is closing its doors after 157 years in business. Gump’s final day of operations will be Sunday, ending a run that began in 1861, when the store opened as a frame and mirror shop. Gump’s transformed itself into an exclusive store, catering to a clientele that favored items like crystal vases, engraved note cards and fancy dinnerware. Most of those high-end goods already have been picked over by the final waves of shoppers. All items are marked down to between 70 and 90 percent off. Gump’s website no longer accepts online orders, though the home page says people can come to the store to buy the historic store’s furniture and fixtures.



Gump’s site: http://www.gumps.com


Cupertino, Calif. (AP) — For those who have had the chance to see and use it, the Apple Xs Max isn’t just the biggest iPhone ever, it’s the best. One of the biggest draws is the “max” part of it: the large, 6.5-inch viewing screen that gives you more room to check out apps, photos — and especially video. Apple frees up real estate on the phone by eliminating the home button. Instead of clicking it or using a thumbprint to activate it, you can use facial recognition to unlock it — and a quick swipe substitutes for the double click that fans out the apps that are in use. The standard Xs has a 5.8-inch viewing area, for those who want a smaller phone to tote about. One of the most impressive features of the Xs and Xs Max are the cameras. They take deeper and richer images than ever before, even in dark or tricky lighting situations. And since it has dual 12-megapixel cameras, everything from landscapes to selfies will rival or surpass images shot with most cameras on the market. If you choose video, you will shoot in 4K — the highest quality of any current smartphone. Since the phone’s release this fall, the operating system has been updated to include features like dual SIM cards and group face time.



Apple site: http://www.apple.com


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (AP) — Got someone at home who wants to record audio that sounds like it was done in a studio? You can do that at home — without having to outfit a room with expensive gear. Blue’s YetiCaster offers a complete system to create superior audio quality in a non-studio setting — at a price point that will be music to your ears. At the heart of the system is a Yeti USB microphone, considered one of the best out there for digital recording. The system is rounded out by an arm assembly that provides a high-quality boom and a Radius III shock mount — to keep bumps and bounces from ending up on your recording projects, whether it be a podcast, recording or streaming. Speaking of audio projects, the YetiCaster includes two software bundles, PreSonus and iZotope, so you can record, edit and finalize your audio creations. The YetiCaster bundle retails for $219.00 on the company’s website.



Blue site: http://www.bluedesigns.com


UNDATED (AP) — Are you one of those people who manages to misplace things all the time — whether it be a set of keys, a pocketbook, wallet or electronic device? Imagine if you could subtract all the time you spend looking for such things — by adding a small device to your arsenal. The Cube tracker system makes it easy. Once you fire up the Cube device, you download the app, place a tracker on a device you want to keep tabs on — and you’re done. Misplace a tracked device? Just launch the app and it will use Bluetooth to have your phone play a sound that will help you spot. And just as you might enlist help in finding a lost item, you can do that with the Cube system. If you mark a Cube as missing — everyone registered in the Cube network can join the search party. When the device is spotted, you get a private message. If it’s your phone that turns up missing, all you do is press the button on your Cube. It will generate a ringtone on your phone, even if it’s on silent.



Cube site: https://www.cubetracker.com

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