Trolley Run Station students will return to Area 3 schools

January 23, 2019

Students who live in the Trolley Run Station neighborhood will return to Area 3 schools beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

In January 2018, the Aiken County School Board approved a change to attendance zones that moved the students from Area 3 schools in Graniteville to Area 1 schools in Aiken.

At their regular meeting Tuesday, School Board members defeated a recommendation from Aiken County Public Schools to keep the students in Area 1.

The recommendation failed by a vote of five to four after about an hour of discussion. Keith Liner, Brian Silas, Jason Crane, Dwight Smith and Barry Moulton voted against the recommendation. Ahmed Samaha, Sandra Shealey, Rosemary English and Tad Barber voted in favor of the recommendation.

After the recommendation failed, Dwight Smith, who represents Graniteville and part of Aiken, made a motion to return the Trolley Run Station students to Area 3. The motion included a grandfather clause that would allow students to remain in the schools they attend this year.

The motion carried with five votes, with Liner, Silas, Smith, Moulton and Crane voting in favor. Samaha, Shealey and English voted against the motion, and Barber abstained.

The students affected by the attendance zone change will return from Aiken Elementary, Schofield Middle School and Aiken High School in Area 1 to Byrd Elementary or the new Graniteville Elementary, Leavelle McCampbell Middle School and Midland Valley High School in Area 3 when the new school year starts in August 2019.

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