Santa Fe should seek Judy Chicago museum

December 19, 2018

Could a wonderful opportunity for Santa Fe lie in an article in the New York Times (“A Museum Honoring Judy Chicago, Star of Feminist Art? Not in This ‘Sleepy Little Town,’ ” Dec. 15). Judy Chicago and her husband, both artists and residents of Belen, N.M., would like to give their town a Judy Chicago museum that will be partly maintained with public funds —less than $14,000 per year, as implied in the article.

Opposition comes from church leaders who label some of her work vulgar and obscene for depicting female anatomy. As Santa Fe is a more broad-minded art center, wouldn’t it be wonderful if our city enticed Ms. Chicago to choose Santa Fe for her art museum? Perhaps locate it on the Santa Fe University of Art and Design property? It would be an artistic treasure and would drive a new stream of tourism. I’m all for it. How to get City Hall’s attention?

Doug Smart

Santa Fe

No more wars

Tenzin Lungtok’s Letter to the Editor (“Making us better,” Dec. 16), made me research Senate Bill 3517 on preventing war with Iran — good work, Tenzin. When I see today’s youth stand up for what’s right, I begin to think our country will be in good hands one day soon. It’s a strategic bill; and one that aims at keeping 45 from starting wars without congressional approval and with impunity.

Susan Nalder

Santa Fe

Being heard

Many of us in the Nambé-Pojoaque-Tesuque Basin want to be included in the discussions of the future of the Aamodt settlement. It is no secret that the cost estimates for the proposed Regional Water System were too low and a new appropriation is needed. Will we as citizens be left out of the discussion and everything be decided behind closed doors? Will we be informed when the new legislation comes before congressional committees and will we be given a chance to testify?

I have no objection to the Pueblos receiving all the water they were promised. However, Santa Fe County’s portion of the Regional Water System — in combination with no sewage system — will pollute our aquifer and our rivers. We cannot allow decisions to be made behind closed doors. I hope U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján understands the public needs a chance to speak and be heard.

Devin Bent, Ph.D.


Stayin’ alive

In a one-hour drive on a recent morning, we experienced extremely dangerous drivers. On Rabbit Road, there was a dark gray SUV, lei hanging from the rear-view mirror, a female driver holding cell phone to her ear, looking north and pulling out in front of our car coming from the south. On Old Pecos Trail, a driver of a silver sedan going southbound at high speed ran a fully red light. If the woman who had the green at San Mateo hadn’t been cautious, the sedan would have plowed into her car. Further south, on Old Pecos Trail, a woman driving a green Subaru Outback exiting Interstate 25 pulled in front of our southbound car and seemed to have no clue that pulling out onto a street with traffic was dangerous.

Okay, everyone. Please pay attention. Look both ways, hang up and drive, don’t tailgate and for heaven’s sake, don’t run red lights. You’ll be safer and so will everyone else. Stay alive and enjoy the holidays.

Barbara Sawyer

Santa Fe

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