May 8, 2019

HURRICANE — The force was strong with all during the Star Wars themed Spring Festival celebration that took place in Downtown Hurricane on Saturday, May 4.

Over the years, as the popularity of George Lucas’s franchise had reached epic levels, May 4th came to be recognized as the Star Wars day. With a famous catchphrase “May the Fourth Be with You” — a play on the movie line “May The Force be with you” — it is an official celebration of all things Star Wars.

According to the city officials, combining the Spring Festival with this popular holiday was a way to add a special twist to an event that has become a tradition. And indeed, hundreds of families attended the fun event while many kids and adults wore their favorite Star Wars outfits.

The movie score played throughout the event, and professional actors dressed as Jedi, storm troopers and resistance fighters entertained the crowds. Guests of all ages were invited to participate in “Jedi Training” where they practiced using “The Force” and honed their light saber fighting skills.

The festival was also an opportunity for local vendors and organizations to showcase their work.

As with many other events, the city provided free entertainment, treats and crafts for all to enjoy, which was made possible through generous sponsorship from local businesses.

We are so blessed to have such support,” said Amanda Ramey, marketing and development manager for the city of Hurricane.