LETTER: Don’t fall for criticism of Medicaid managed care in Iowa

September 30, 2018

The transition to managed care for Medicaid in Iowa has been and continues to be an effective way to address the unsustainability of the previous fee-based system by reducing significant fraud and waste, leveraging private sector expertise and ensuring the system will remain available and accessible to those it is intended for.

Don’t fall for the criticism of this progress which claims the system is failing Iowans and a “new” direction is needed - which is simply a return to the past trajectory of uncontrolled costs, poor management and looming failure.

Like many other states, the use of managed care organizations (MCOs) in Iowa represents streamlined services and expanded access to the system while achieving real taxpayer savings. Medicaid must remain for Iowa - and the way forward toward this goal is innovation, not a return to the previous status quo. - Kevin Alons, Salix, Iowa

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