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American Donates Rare Film of Nazi Leader

February 19, 1985

JERUSALEM (AP) _ A former U.S. Army intelligence officer has given Hebrew University a rare color film of Adolf Hitler reviewing German troops during World War II, apparently in either Poland or the Soviet Union.

The footage shot by Hitler’s personal pilot, Capt. Hans Bauer, contains some of the most spontaneous pictures of Hitler ever seen in public.

Israel Television broadcast a short segment of the 15-minute film Monday night. It showed Hitler getting out of a German war plane, saluting and shaking hands with officers.

″Several dozen kilometers from here, Jews were being exterminated in death camps,″ the television announcer said.

Another brief clip showed Hitler shaking hands in a field with Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Hebrew University spokesman Jerry Barach said Tuesday it was not certain when and where the film was taken. However, it was believed to date from 1941 or 1942 somewhere in the eastern front, which during those years would have been either Poland or the Soviet Union.

Leo deGar Kulka of San Francisco, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, gave the film to Hebrew University this month. Kulka said he found it in Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest command post at Berchtesgaden after being dropped behind German lines in 1945.

Kulka turned the film over to the U.S. government for use in prosecuting Nazi war criminals. But some of it was returned to him because it was of no interest to the authorities, Barach said.

Barach said Kulka also gave the university black and white photographs of Jews in the Minsk ghetto in Soviet Byelorussia. The photos, taken in January 1943 a month before the Nazis destroyed the ghetto, are the only pictures known to exist of Jews from the Minsk ghetto, Barach said.

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