First call: Could Steelers pull Le’Veon Bell’s franchise tag?

August 6, 2018

You can’t ‘unring’ the Bell

The guys over at Steelers Wire asked if the Steelers may pull the franchise tag from Le’veon Bell after his late-night strip club video made the rounds on social media.

The answer to that question is: No!

A player not under contract going to a strip club is not worthy of having the tag rescinded. I get the theory that the Steelers may be fearful that Bell is trying to embarrass them into forcing his release into free agency.

But he is going to need to embarrass them worse than that. No crime was committed. He didn’t violate any team rules. He’s not even part of the team right now.

If the Steelers stood by Bell after two marijuana incidents and his behavior during the Jaguars playoff week, this won’t cause the Steelers to bat an eyelash let alone result in the club pulling the franchise tag.

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