What’s a better music/comedy mash-up?

November 27, 2018

This might be the strangest double bill in history - STYX is going on tour early next year with Larry The Cable Guy. The tour is called “Laugh. Rock. Seriously.”

Tommy Shaw says, quote, “We first ran into Larry the Cable Guy at a convenience store in Sarasota, Florida, many moons ago. Now we are pairing up for a fun night of music and comedy, something we could all use a big dose of! I’m ready! Are you? Let’s do this!!!”

And Larry adds, quote, “I’ve always wanted to work some shows with the iconic band Styx. Not only because their music has been a soundtrack to my life, but also to try and get back the 18 bucks I loaned [Tommy] for honey buns and coffee from that day in Florida.”

For more: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/styx-larry-the-cable-guy-tour/

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