Digital Mike: Quiz yourself on your vocabulary

November 18, 2018


Merriam Webster, the dictionary people have some great sites and features. I found one this week.

Words of the Day

Do you get the daily word of the day email? I used to, but it eventually got lost in the shuffle. I might rethink that. MW has a good word quiz for autumn. I was so-so on it. I got more than half correct, but I was hoping I’d do more closely to perfect. But those words are hard! Give it a try and then follow along for other quizzes.


Veteran’s Day

I looked for other photo sites that might show this, but could only find the story, but scroll through to see the amazing sand art done on beaches showing the faces of fallen soldiers on Britain’s beaches. It’s startling, sharp and a little sad as you see that the surf will eventually erase it, just as it does with so much. Very powerful.


Cat toons

I’m a dog guy, but I spotted Simon’s Cat on a friend’s Facebook page and found myself watching the scene unfold. It’s fun, and much of it is because it falls so closely to the truth. Give it a look and it’ll give you a chuckle.


Twins farewell

Joe Mauer officially ended his professional baseball career this week with the Minnesota Twins. There were many great pieces about him and great photos. Among them, I enjoy the work of Brace Hemmelgarn, the official photographer of the Twins. Now, that’s a pretty cool job. He had a great thread on Twitter the day Mauer held his press conference. Give it a look. It’s a good mix of Mauer and the first one notes the passage of time. Nice work.


Efficient tour

Dylan Howey spent some time with things he likes: data and state parks. He has strung together what he says — and it looks that way — is a continuous route to visit all 67 state parks in the state, or about a 3,000-mile trek. If you follow the thread down, another guy says he’s got a route that’s 46 miles shorter. So be it. I think this is cool. Give it a look.


How hot?

Want to see how much hotter it is in your hometown since you were born? It’s more of a gee-whiz sort of thing, but it will give you sense of the temperature rise we’re experiencing. I thought it was fun to dig into my hometown as well as other towns for different time spans. See what you think.


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