America is not a corporation

November 28, 2018

I believe our president may be awash in his despotic agenda. When he challenges a third branch of our government (the judicial branch), this is stepping beyond his capacity as the head of the administrative branch.

The judicial branch operates independent of political parties. The Nov. 21 news release regarding the comments of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. are a rarity. For Trump to criticize what he calls the “Obama court” is way off base, perhaps out-of-the-park.

It is unfortunate that the press release was even necessary. President Trump, oddly enough, seems to think he can lead our country as if it were a corporation with him sitting as the CEO of a monolithic company.

The fathers of our country created a constitutional democracy with three branches in order to provide a system of checks and balances.

This is part of what we celebrate on the Fourth of July. It is why we celebrate Veterans Day, a time to honor those who have served — and given their lives — to defend American values and beliefs.

Tim Lange


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