Voice of the people: Some thoughts on climate change

November 29, 2018

Climate change: When hasn’t it? What does man have to do with it?

CO2 is the chief bugaboo of the climate hysteria fear mongers.

CO2 also is a “most” necessary gas to all life on earth.

CO2 is used by plant life. Plant life processes it for nutrition and gives off oxygen, which animal life (humans) needs to survive.

Humans, animals, fish and fowl take in oxygen and expel CO2, which, in turn, is used by plants which give off oxygen.

A pretty cozy arrangement if you ask me. (The nut jobs that inhabit Washington, D.C., don’t ask me or anyone else that is comfortable with the facts of life, though).

They are claiming temperatures since 1900 have gone up on average 1.9 degrees around the earth. Great, can we expand the summer season while we’re at it!?

They, whoever they are and whatever their qualifications are, are claiming by 2100 (can’t we let someone else worry about it?) we will suffer huge agriculture, economic, coastline, icecap, plant and animal (maybe human) life damage if we don’t do something about it.

Has no one ever informed these geniuses that volcanoes (we can do nothing about), forest fires (we have the capacity to do something about), etc. give off vast quantities of CO2 that man only can aspire to and we apparently can do nothing about them.

What is that something? Naturally more expensive energy sources, less automobile use, smaller homes for middle and lower classes (not for those demanding we make the changes, observe all the private jets at the “climate” conferences), quit cutting down trees and using natural resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.

In short, changing our lifestyles and becoming a bit more third world.

FACT — The U.S.A. has lowered its CO2 output in recent years due to using more cleaner-burning natural gas. (Not windmills and solar panels. Those supply only a minuscule part of our energy).

FACT — Nations such as India, China and other nations joining the industrialized world are the ones producing huge “new” amounts of CO2.

Can we tell these other nations to quit producing so much CO2?

Sure. Will they listen to us? Probably not.

Now, go back to the relationship between animals and plants. Reflect: That is how God set it up.

NOW, do you think that when more CO2 is available we get fewer plants?

I didn’t think so.

Do you think man was better off when more of the polar regions were habitable in “warm” ages or “cold,” such as freezing, below-zero ages? I know your answer. I agree.

What I think we need are fewer people studying what God only can control and more people telling us about God and how we can please Him.

I’m Ron Hansen, turning up my thermostat in the winter and turning it down in the summer.

Wishing I could turn off the silly chatter from people predicting our demise.

Ron Hansen, Bourbonnais

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