Authorities called to Catholic school after boy threatened to shoot it up

May 12, 2019

Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies were called to Santo Niño Regional Catholic School south of Santa Fe this week after the principal reported a fifth-grade student had made a comment threatening to shoot up the school, a sheriff’s office report says.

The 11-year-old boy made the remark to two girls in his math class sometime the previous week, according to the report, which says school principal Dirk Steffens told investigators it had just been brought to his attention Wednesday.

The report says the boy told the girls, “The best way to deal with a mental problem is to hold a gun to your head and pull the trigger,” and that “he was going to the dark web, order some guns and shoot up the school.”

The student was not detained. According to the report, a school priest who is close to the boy’s family was preparing to meet with them to address the issue, and that school staff and teachers had been advised “and would be keeping a close watch” on the boy.

The principal also told investigators that he would handle the incident internally but wanted it to be documented. According to the report, Steffens said he would meet with all parents of students at the school to address the issue and their concerns.

Neither Steffens nor the school superintendent with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe returned calls for comment Friday.