Sharratt Warehouse in Reedsburg completes construction

August 25, 2018
Sharratt Warehouse 1
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Sharratt Warehouse and Distribution Center in Reedsburg is now in operation.

The construction of a major freezer warehouse facility in Reedsburg’s Industrial Park is complete and the warehouse is open for business.

Reedsburg Industrial and Commercial Development Commission Chairman Don Lichte shared the news at an Aug. 22 meeting at J’s Pub and Grill. The land purchase to build the 98,000 square foot, $20 million facility was approved by the city last September.

“It’s quite a project,” Lichte said.

Lichte said he’s in contact with Owner Dick Sharratt about scheduling an open house/grand opening but a date is not set.

“They want to get everything pretty well done,” Lichte said.

An update of two other major projects within the city was provided: the construction of Walnut Flat Apartments and the expansion of Reedsburg Hardwoods.

Commission Member Dave Knudsen said some site work happened throughout the week for Walnut Flats. The project is scheduled to start construction Aug. 27 and take 11 months to complete. The council approved a subordination agreement for the 33-unit apartment subsidized housing complex at the Aug. 13 meeting. Closing on the loan is scheduled for Aug. 23. Lichte said Reedsburg Hardwoods, a lumber company, added additional kilns and is working on the rail crossing on the property they purchased from the city.

Possible rail construction

Commission members discussed the possibility of building a new rail leading from the east of Golf Course Road into the industrial park. The commission didn’t make a recommendation to the city council, but approved to continue discussing the option at future commission meetings.

Kurt Muchow, community development consultant for Vierbicher Associates, said he had discussions with the railroad and DNR to come up with preliminary plans for three or four different routes that would connect towards the east of Golf Course Road and lead into the industrial park. Maps of the routes were not provided at the meeting.

“We’re just not that far along,” Muchow said.

Muchow said he would get firmer numbers on the project to share with the commission and try to get more of a budget associated with the project. While Lichte said the project could be at least 10 to 20 years in the future, he, the rest of the commission and Muchow agreed to begin investigating if the project is worth the time, effort and costs if the industrial park does expand in the future.

“We don’t want to get caught completely flat footed if all of the sudden there is some interest and we know sometimes these things, like with Sharratt, they take a long time to develop,” said Mike Gargano, commission member. “If we have somebody coming along that is showing some interest at least we’ll have a leg up having done some of the background on this. If we don’t then we are going to be really out of the loop.”

Other business

The commission approved a site plan for a 42 x 56 foot office building at Lakeside Foods.

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