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Town to newlyweds: wait until after the ceremony to get naked

August 29, 1997

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) _ The bride doesn’t have to wear a long white gown _ but she has to wear something, according to a Danish mayor who has banned nude weddings.

Ingolf Winzor, the mayor of Soenderborg, 140 miles southwest of Copenhagen, made the decision after the eye-catching ``I do’s″ of Volker Beeck and Tricia Bloch, who wore only colorful designs painted on their bodies.

The mayor’s decision was reported in Friday’s edition of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Bloch, an American, and Beeck live in Gruenholz, Germany. They were married two weeks ago.

Denmark is a popular place for foreigners to marry because the country’s paperwork is easy and little waiting time is required.

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