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O.J.: Kids Silent on Mother’s Death

April 5, 1998

LONDON (AP) _ O.J. Simpson, sensationally cleared of murdering his ex-wife, says their two children have never mentioned her death to him since the day she was killed in 1994.

The American former star football player, speaking in a British Broadcasting Corp. interview published Sunday, added he has never wanted to talk to his daughter, Sydney, 12, and son, Justin, 9, about their mother’s murder.

``Sydney has never mentioned it once, never asked about it,″ Simpson told interviewer Ruby Wax. ``Not even my son. He has never even once mentioned it.″

The BBC supplied a transcript of the interview to London’s Sunday Telegraph. A BBC spokeswoman said the interview will be aired later this month at a date to be fixed.

Simpson, who also became a Hollywood celebrity, was acquitted in 1995 of the knife slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

The Brown and Goldman families then brought a civil wrongful death suit, and jurors last year held that Simpson was responsible and ordered him to pay dlrs 33.5 million in damages. Both trials were avidly followed in America.

Maintaining his children have remained silent on the topic, Simpson said the ``best shrinks and child psychologists″ had advised him, ``Let them bring it up, let them talk about it when they want to.″

The interview, in which Simpson reiterated denials that he was the murderer, was conducted mainly in the back of a car as it toured Los Angeles.

``Sometimes I had to correct him on the alibis,″ Miss Wax was quoted as telling The Sunday Telegraph. ``He genuinely believes he didn’t do it. That’s his illness.″

Later in the interview, Miss Wax was filmed calling several restaurants to make a lunch reservation. When she mentioned that her guest would be O.J. Simpson, most refused the reservation.

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