Book delivery at MCC

March 12, 2019

SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central students are now receiving books on a daily basis through the Unbound program, which allows kids to access and order books from the district library catalogue from computers at their school building.

Unbound is a partnership between the MCC school district, the Mason County District Library and West Shore Community College, paid for by a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation for Mason County. The program allows every kindergarten through 12th-grade student to have a library card connected to their MCC student ID numbers.

Students can order books, DVDs and more that aren’t available in the school library, and have their orders hand-delivered as soon as they come through.

The first book deliveries were made on Friday by Mason County District Library Director Patti Skinner, and she was back at it Monday morning, loading up totes with orders at the Scottville Library and delivering them to the middle school.

The books are used for both personal enjoyment and classroom research, according to Skinner, who is also coaching kids in the MCC buildings on how to search the district library catalogue, find books and place orders.

“It’s important for school projects to have accurate resources,” Skinner said. “So we’ve really focused on making those resources available.”

Skinner said she’s also trying to fill students’ orders reliably and quickly so kids don’t have to wait long to receive the books they order.

“We want to be really responsive,” she said, adding that she plans to continue to make deliveries to MCC every day.

So far, Skinner has worked with students at the middle school and high school, and on Wednesday, she’ll start showing elementary students how to search the catalogue, place orders and use their new library cards.

Unbound at MCC is a pilot program for what Skinner hopes will be a county-wide endeavor in time. She said that with the help of Renee Snodgrass, director of library services at West Shore Community College, an application for a $150,000 grant through the Michigan State Library has been submitted to fund an expansion of the Unbound program.

“It’s a very competitive grant,” Skinner said. “It would cover cost for three years and use federal funds.”

Snodgrass also helped write the grant from the Community Foundation that made the current program at MCC possible, according to Skinner.

“She’s the brains behind the operation,” Skinner said of Snodgrass.

At 9 a.m. Wednesday, Skinner will work with students at the Upper Elementary by opening a pop-up library at the school. Students can place and fill orders at the same time, with help from Skinner and staff members.