Your Turn: Aug. 22

August 22, 2018

No revenue switchRe: “Squabble over CPS revenue underscores city-county rift,” Puro San Antonio, Gilbert Garcia, Sunday:From the perspective of many of Precinct 3 Commissioner Kevin Wolff’s constituents, his proposal to divert roughly $40 million of CPS revenue from the city of San Antonio to Bexar County is unwelcome.Most of the county’s general fund is spent on jail and judicial services, while 77 percent of the city’s general fund is spent on police officers, firefighters, EMS providers, parks and streets.Perhaps Wolff’s proposal to take money away from public safety personnel, street repairs and parks in San Antonio and spend it on county jails and courts has some appeal for inmates, lawyers and non-city residents. But for most of the 77 percent of Bexar County residents who live in the city of San Antonio and appreciate the basic services that the city’s shrewd investment in CPS helps pay for, Wolff’s idea is imprudent.Dave PasleyInefficient dictator?John Brennan, Omarosa Manigault Newman and the editors, reporters and publisher of this newspaper appear not to be in prison. If Donald Trump is a dictator, he is a darned inefficient one.I see articles from named people against everything the president does. Do you somehow think you can change people’s mind by throwing names of powerful people at them? Your problem is that it is the unpowerful people who are being helped by his policies.Boohoo if you have lost your power base.Penelope TalleyTake his, tooAbout my security clearance:As a retired Medical Service Corps officer, I fully understand the position that retired Adm. William McRaven has taken regarding his security clearance.In my last assignment on active duty, I too had a top secret security clearance. I retired on Sept. 30 1994.If it has not elapsed, I join the admiral in requesting that it be revoked! The behavior of the current administration cannot stand without the appropriate criticism and resistance.John Olmstead

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