Make lawmakers listen to the people -- Linda Bernhardt

January 20, 2019

With the new state administration in power, it is time to get back to our basic values of representative government under Gov. Tony Evers and other state officers.

Our job as voters is to keep our Assembly representative’s and senator’s phone numbers and email addresses on “speed dial” for our input into the proposed legislation by the gerrymandered and lame-duck-empowered Legislature, which is funded by out-of-state money. We must share our valued opinions via the proposed listening sessions, phone calls, letters and emails for the legislation we want, rather than the legislation that comes from this current legislative body that has tried to overstep its boundaries.

Let’s bring back a real democracy where informed citizens are listened to and supported by our tax dollars and our down-to-earth good values. While you are at it, request a civics class locally. Number one is to talk to your legislators and have them represent you.

Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

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