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Correen Zahnzinger claims there was a missing ingredient in her marr

May 29, 1997

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) _ Correen Zahnzinger claims there was a missing ingredient in her marriage: a husband.

Antonio Marciano, whom she married a year ago in Las Vegas, turned out to be a woman named Valerie Inga, Zahnzinger claims in a lawsuit.

The suit filed last week says that Inga is refusing to pay installments on a $300,000 mutual settlement, the bride’s compensation for being hoodwinked. It asks an Orange County Superior Court to order Inga to honor the agreement.

Zahnzinger, 24, married Inga, 29, in March 1996 and separated seven months later, according to court papers. The marriage was annulled last March.

They ``did have a sexual relationship, but I’m not allowed to say how it was perpetrated,″ Steven Zwick, Zahnzinger’s lawyer, said Tuesday. ``It was explained to me, and I thought it was realistic.″

They dated for nearly two years before they got married, according to the filings.

Zahnzinger, who has since remarried _ to a real man, claims fraud, battery, infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract.

Inga didn’t honor the agreement because it was based on ``blackmail,″ her attorney said in a letter to Zahnzinger’s lawyer. Inga already had paid $5,250.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ When pupils at Chaires Elementary School say their principal has hog’s breath, they’re not kidding.

Jeff Patterson kissed a 250-pound porker named Babe as a reward for the children, who read 26,000 books this year. Patterson promised to kiss a pig if the school’s 870 pupils read more than 20,000 books.

Patterson’s first attempt failed Tuesday as Babe struggled. Then, bingo, his lips pressed against the grunting pig’s snout _ twice.

Drew Grigg, an 8-year-old pupil who had volunteered his pig, recommended the principal kiss Babe on the snout, not on the mouth _ too much drool.

``It was fun,″ Patterson said. ``I would gladly do it again if it helps kids read better and read more.″


GREEN TREE, Pa. (AP) _ In a scene straight out of a movie, a man tumbled four stories but walked away with just a sprained thumb after a pile of foam scraps cushioned his fall.

Jackie Holmes, 42, was working on a roof in a suburban Pittsburgh office complex when the edge of the building cracked, witnesses said.

Two rows of concrete blocks broke off Tuesday, shattering windows and damaging cars below, but Holmes fell straight into a 30-foot container used to collect foam plastic insulation that roofers were dropping down a chute.

``If he hit anywhere else, he was going to be hurting,″ said co-worker Ray Miller.


ANSONIA, Ohio (AP) _ When Jamie Hines walked up to receive his diploma, he gave the audience at his high school commencement an unwanted biology lesson.

Hines removed his trousers and underwear in a restroom before the ceremony at Ansonia High School, said Jesse Green, assistant county prosecutor.

``After he got his diploma, he raised his gown and depending on where you were sitting in the gym, you either got a northern exposure or a southern exposure,″ Green said.

Hines, 18, pleaded guilty Tuesday to public indecency and disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to two days in jail, fined $200 and ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Hines said he was surprised by the reaction to what he considered a graduation prank on Sunday. He expected just laughs from his classmates.

``I wouldn’t do it again,″ he said. ``I didn’t expect trouble.″

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