TURIN, Italy (AP) _ Approval of the final budget for the Turin Olympics was delayed again Tuesday, exactly one month before the games.

The overall cost of the Feb. 10-26 Winter Games is estimated at more than $3.6 billion. The Turin organizing committee has haggled with government officials for several months over a budget shortfall last estimated at $97 million.

Committee chief Valentino Castellani said the decision on the budget will have no impact on the games.

``The games could start tomorrow and there would be no problem,'' he said.

Tuesday's board meeting, originally scheduled for late last month, was adjourned until Monday without any progress on the budget. Castellani said details on covering the shortfall need to be clarified.

The plans include a scratch-card lottery expected to produce $24 million. City and local authorities are to chip in upward of $48 million, helped by the sale of 200 apartments in the athletes' village. Another $24 million would come from the Piedmont region that includes Turin.

Castellani said it was possible, but unlikely, the budget would not be approved.

``Everyone involved wants it to be approved,'' he said.