Find solutions to abortion tragedy -- Rhiannon M. Tibbetts

September 16, 2018

My stance will annoy most folks on both sides of our political divide. Nonetheless, I firmly believe the political ideologues in both major parties have a skewed and harmful approach to the ongoing abortion debacle in our country.

Why is this debate the litmus test as to whether someone is liberal or conservative?

When a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, we need to embrace both the mother and her unborn child with compassion and real, comprehensive assistance. If a mother feels she is unable to give birth and be a parent for her baby, we should make it both conducive and practical for mothers to find adoptive parents.

It is also my firm conviction, however, that outlawing abortions could endanger any woman’s life. Thus, forbidding abortion would be quite emotionally harmful, and isn’t a good idea.

A few other key ingredients for splitting this Gordian knot of our abortion tragedy are: comprehensive sex education in the schools, free and readily available contraceptives, and less social judgment. Finally we need to impress upon all young people the importance of being sexually responsible.

Rhiannon M. Tibbetts, Madison

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