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Parachutists Savor Fame, But Not Fortune

April 25, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ Two men who parachuted off the Empire State Building have begun reaping the rewards: a limousine ride, free coffee and snacks, lots of attention, and a parental admonition.

″My mother said that I must be careful,″ Alasdair Boyd, 27, said Friday after he had telephoned home to County Cork, Ireland.

Boyd and Michael McCarthy, 25, of London, leapt off the 86th floor observatory of the 102-story building on Thursday and glided to safety, fame, a taxi and the police, all waiting 1,050 feet below on Fifth Avenue.

Boyd took the cab while McCarthy tangled with a light pole that caught his parachute and two police officers who caught him. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and parachuting without a permit. Boyd was not arrested.

The two skydivers took to fame as easily as they took to the air. ″There are various sorts of shows that want to chat to us,″ said Boyd, an itinerant computer programmer who seemed delighted by the attention.

He and McCarthy, a landscape gardener, appeared Friday morning on ABC’s ″Good Morning America.″

Boyd noted that while they had not received any money from the sale of photographs and videotape of their exploit, they did receive a limousine ride to the ABC studios and were treated to coffee, carrots and dip.

″So that was really fun,″ he said. However, he added, ″If anybody wants to give us any money, that would be perfectly all right.″

Boyd and McCarthy were apparently the first people to parachute off the Empire State Building, which has setbacks at several levels. Others have parachuted off the 110-story World Trade Center, whose twin towers have straight sides.

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