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Six Dead, One Wounded In Murder-Suicide

December 14, 1987

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ A man shot and killed his former wife, two of their children and two other adults and wounded another of his children before killing himself early Sunday, police said.

Police found bodies in a bedroom in a duplex in a lower-middle-class area in a car parked outside and in another house about 40 blocks away.

″I think the motive, according to homicide detectives, appears to be jealousy on the part of the husband,″ said police Capt. Mike Heath.

″Last night his wife and a best friend of hers were going out and he did not like his wife getting back into the social life ... without him.″

Twin 18-year-old brothers of the ex-wife escaped unharmed by racing from the duplex in their underwear when they were awakened by the shots.

″They literally fled for their lives,″ Heath said.

Heath said police found the bodies of Virgil Knight, 26, who was suspected of doing the shootings, and his former wife, Deetta Knight, in the bedroom of the duplex where Mrs. Knight lived.

A son, 6-year-old Curtis Knight, also was found in the room. He died after being taken to South Community Hospital, Heath said.

While police inspected the crime scene, an officer discovered 4-year-old Shelly Knight and the body of 2-year-old Kevin Knight inside a locked car parked in the street.

Officers smashed a car window to retrieve the girl, who was reported in very critical but stable condition at South Community Hospital.

Heath said the woman killed at the second house was Knight’s former sister- in-law, Carrie Knight, 23. Her boyfriend, identified as Allen Shayne Lockhart, 24, also was killed.

All the victims were shot at least once in the head with a small-caliber handgun, Heath said.

Heath said the twins were able ″to confirm that Virgil (Knight) was responsible.″

The couple’s divorce was final Dec. 7, Virgil Knight’s mother said. In an interview with KTOK radio, Patty Knight said her son had been hurt and depressed the past week.

″He’d been done wrong,″ Mrs. Knight said. ″He felt he’d been done wrong in court. He’d had his little kids taken from him when there was no reason to take them from him.″

Police had not pieced together all the details, but determined that Knight originally had the three children at his mother’s house Saturday night.

Heath said Knight then took the 4-year-old girl back to her mother at Carrie Knight’s house. Deetta Knight then apparently took the daughter home.

Authorities theorize that Knight later left his mother’s house with his two sons and went to Carrie Knight’s house.

″And that’s where he broke in the back of the residence,″ Heath said. He said Knight confronted the two people there and killed them.

″Pure supposition is that he broke into the house thinking he would find his wife there,″ Heath said.

He then went to Mrs. Knight’s house where he confronted her, Heath said. Police are unsure how the 4-year-old ended up in the car and the 6-year-old in the house. The 4-year-old and the 2-year-old were shot in the car, he said.

A neighbor of Mrs. Knight, who would not give her name, said she heard several gunshots about 5 a.m. and heard Mrs. Knight scream. The neighbor said she did not hear any shots from outside the duplex.

Ms. Knight reportedly had lived in the duplex less than two weeks.

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