Church Scandal Shakes Faith

September 2, 2018

Editor: Reading about these pedophile priests makes me so angry. Any other pedophile is put behind bars, but not these priests. The bishops of this country just keep passing them from one parish to another, making it possible for more children to be abused. As children, we were raised to respect the parish priest with the highest esteem, never to question their behavior. Now we read about Bishop Timllin allowing for an abortion after a teenager was impregnated by a parish priest, then sympathizing with the priest for his troubles, but not any sympathy to the young lady put in this position. The Catholic bishops are talking out of both sides of their mouths now. We are taught pro-life, no artificial birth control, then Timlin turns around and excuses an abortion. Reading about all this has really shaken my faith. Another question — the money from the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, which I’m sure amasses millions of dollars — where does that money go? To pay for abortions and sustain the lives of these pedophiles? Then the pope and bishops wonder why Catholics are leaving their parish communities in droves. It is sickening and they should all be in jail and made to get treatment. Leave the children alone. Paula A. Denisco WEST PITTSTON

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